Credentials / Merit Image Review

Work toward your degree, one image at a time, 10 months out of the year.

Hone your skills by submitting images to be evaluated by trained jurors who assess images against the 12 elements of a merit image standard. Jurors will review your image and provide you with constructive feedback, so you’ll know where to improve your work, and how.

Merit reviews take place monthly from February through November. That’s 10 months out of the year!

Your image(s) will be reviewed by a panel of 5 PPA Approved Jurors. The jurors will place your image(s) in one of 4 levels:

  • Category A: No merit and low potential for future merit
  • Category B: No merit, but with potential to merit with some improvement by the maker
  • Category C: Merit Image
  • Category D: Image Excellence (these images will go in Image Excellence Collection book)

The ultimate goal of the Merit Image Review is to motivate and educate PPA members to be the best photographers they can possibly be. The PPA image merit is the industry standard for professional photography.