Credentials / Merit Image Review / Jurors Workshop

This workshop is for PPA Master Photographers who want to become a PPA Juror. 
The workshop will cover the PPA Approved Jurors perspective of the 12 elements, the 4 categories used in the Merit Image Review, the challenge process, and much more.

If you have already earned your PPA Master of Photography degree and would like to start the process of becoming a PPA Approved Jurors, the Judges Workshop is the first step.

What is a PPA Juror?

A PPA Juror is a Master Photographer who evaluates and provides feedback on images submitted to the Merit Image Review. These dedicated members are a vital part of our organization, and we encourage photographers to complete the requirements and get involved!

New Juror Application Process

  1. Declare Candidacy – PPA member in good standing with a master’s degree.

  2. Take the Online Jurors Workshop ($195)

  3. Shadow Judging – Candidate “Ghost Judges” with a live panel scoring images to see if they can recognize a merit image.

  4. Video Critiques – Candidate must submit 2 recorded video critiques for review by the Juror Pool Committee (JPC).

  5. Performance Evaluation – JPC reviews all data points and results to determine if the candidate can be promoted to a Juror in Training (JIT).  Once a JIT, they qualify to judge on a live panel and their performance will be further reviewed.

  6. Challenge Evaluation – Candidate is evaluated on their ability to challenge and work with the group dynamic.

  7. Approval – Candidate must complete 2 successful live reviews with a rating no lower than 4 out of 5.  Once approved they can enter the Approved Juror List.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following skills:

  • Recognizes a Merit Image
  • Justifies score
  • Listens to others
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Speaks well and concisely
  • Persuasive rebuttals
  • Positive attitude