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April 08, 2019

PPAedu Featured Video: The Pumpkin Plan: How to Grow a Strong Business In Any Economy

This month's PPAedu featured video, "The Pumpkin Plan: How to Grow a Strong Business In Any Economy," is one you can’t possibly get enough of. Thankfully, if you're a PPA member, you get to watch it as many times as you please, along with the hundreds of educational videos in the massive Online Learning Center. It was also one of the several lectures under the newly introduced Bridging The Gap program at Imaging USA 2019!

In this video, Mike Michalowicz, author and entrepreneur behind three multimillion-dollar companies, reveals powerful business secrets that will leave you mind-blown... including the fact that there is a big lesson to be learned from farmers. Those guys who go to the county fair with one-ton pumpkins hold the secret to explosive growth, and Mike shows you how their focused growth strategy applies directly to your business-branding, niching, and cutting off useless growth. It's your turn to grow an award-winning, explosive company!

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and leverage your biggest natural strengths
  • Sow your seeds and sell, sell, sell!
  • Fire your small time, rotten clients
  • Weed out distractions (often mislabeled as “opportunities”)
  • Nurture, protect and replicate your top clients

Watch "The Pumpkin Plan: How to Grow a Strong Business In Any Economy" today to get these invaluable business tips! As a PPA member, you can access this video any time, any place, any day. To get FREE access to all of PPA's education videos, join PPA today!