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December 27, 2016

Got a Drone for Christmas? Start Here!


Did you get a drone for Christmas? We can only imagine the delight you're feeling! There's little that can compare to getting something that you really want, especially if that item has the unique capability of simultaneously boosting your business. 

Now that you've got one, what's next? Read on for the plethora of resources that PPA has prepared for you, the actions you need to begin taking, and the in-person experience that you can have in a couple of weeks!

Visit for all the information you need about registering your drone, becoming a drone pilot, insurance options, and soon, how to get you Drone-Photography Certified! Also browse these articles for a vast array of information all about drones!  Check out these comprehensive videos on PPAedu about Drone Photography! Drone experts Randy Braun and Stacy Garlington from DJI  go over everything from safety and etiquette rules to tips on flying. These programs are available online 24/7 to all PPA members. Take advantage of them to get your buzzing edge!Come to Imaging USA to explore the Drone Zone! This brand new program features 10 classes with all you need to learn about drone photography, especially how to incorporate them safely, legally, and profitably into your photography business. The Drone Zone walks you through all of your options, in-person, with experts on hand to answer all of your questions! You'll be able to watch drones in action, participate in demos, learn best practices for a sustainable business, and so much more.

Whew! Getting a drone for Christmas makes for a very merry holiday indeed! See you at Imaging USA, January 8-10, 2017! Register today!