The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

This book is by an Imaging USA 2021 Speaker!

No one likes conflict—but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid it. Learn how to turn those “Oh, Sh*t! Moments,” when opinions and personalities clash, into the juice that powers your team to great results or new heights.

Politics. Confusion. Factions. Gossip. Turnover. If you lead a team, you may see conflict as the worst part of your job. You may see it as counterproductive, dysfunctional, and a waste of time because team members are not dealing with each other—maybe not even speaking. You may see lost opportunities, inspiration, cohesiveness, and ultimately, productivity.

But what if you could see…results?

That’s what The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage is all about.

Written by life and business partners CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, The Beauty of Conflict shows you how the perfect storm that occurs when vision, opinion, and passion come together can be fertile ground for creativity and innovation. By leaning in to those inevitable oh, sh*t! moments when people clash, you’ll unleash the juice that powers your team’s competitive advantage. You’ll learn to:

  • Utilize the potential energy of conflict
  • Guide your team through difficult moments
  • Bridge differences between people to boost your team’s IQ
  • Use conflict to spark innovation and team transformation
  • Increase trust, engagement and profit

Featuring true stories and practical examples drawn from the authors’ 25 years of experience working with Fortune 500 and other major companies, The Beauty of Conflict will show you how to lead your team past the discomfort, embrace their differences—and leverage those oh, sh*t! moments into increased productivity and profitability.