About the Class

Ever get tired of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? Does it often feel like some things are going great, but other areas of business and life are not? Does it sometimes feel like you’re working really hard, but hardly getting ahead?

In Jeffrey Shaw's presentation from Imaging USA 2020, you’ll learn to gain far more control over the outcomes of your business and your life. Imagine having a business that produces the results you want. Imagine having the mindsets and practices that keep you on track and move you forward without so many highs and lows.

Imagine having everything.

You’ll learn:

  • Business practices and systems that create opportunities
  • Mindsets and practices that create a positive flow and keep you on track
  • How to set yourself up for the biggest leap forward ever!
  • 2020 is leap year - let’s make it not just a day on the calendar, but the year you leap forward in your business and life! Now, that’s how you "bridge the gap!"
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