Lisa Evans

Lisa Evans


Lisa Evans is known as a visionary in the photographic industry. Using her design skills and experienced artistic eye, she creates cutting edge concepts for installing portraits as art in her clients’ home. Always a step ahead, Lisa’s unique signature style attracts the right clientele who appreciate going beyond the mere photograph so many can capture now a days.

Combining her skills as a designer, photographer and painter, Lisa works by commission and enjoys one of the highest portrait averages in the country with appreciative clients who return for a lifetime of memories. Having projected her art since she started her business in an Interior Design studio 30 years ago - her presentation skills are masterful and have proven successful in selling wall portraits to every client.

Lisa has been invited to share her unique artistic vision and business skills with Professional Photographers in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada and throughout the U.S. She holds the Master of Photography and Craftsmen Degrees, and her work has been featured in books and magazines around the world.

Lisa currently resides in Danville, California, in her own Storybook Cottage on several picturesque acres where she leads workshop retreats and creates her artwork. From this magical property, she continues to inspire other photographers go “ABOVE & BEYOND" and hone their own signature look. Sharing all her behind the scenes secrets so they too can make a comfortable living doing what they love most. Lisa Evans is a successful Portrait Artist who is quite simply living her dream…