Amber McAdoo


Amber McAdoo owns and operates a high-end boutique portrait studio in the small town of Benton, AR, where she specializes in captivating images of high school seniors and families. Along with her image-making skills, she has been recognized for her studio's drastic change from a failing business to a thriving studio. With the help of PPA's Studio Management Services (SMS), she was able to double her prices, cut her session count in half, employ only one part-timer…and still make more money. Then in June 2009, within a matter of two weeks, Amber and her husband, Chancy, adopted a baby girl, Anna Morie. Now, she is in the studio three full days a week and is able to stay at home with Anna the rest of the week. Amber believes it is important to love your life and live it the way you want.

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