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February 21, 2020

Have You Heard About What’s Going on With Member Experience and Value?! Learn About the Brand New Website, Small Claims Progress, and Degrees in this Article

In this edition of “What’s New at PPA?,” we’re going to be heading over to Member Experience and Value to hear about what they’ve got going on.

Who better to tell us about the new projects than the Director of Member Experience and Value, Kristen Hartman.


After speaking with Hartman, here are some of the new additions members should know about!


The new PPA website has been in the works for a while, and we are so excited for everyone to see what it looks like. This site is going to change the way you see PPA. Long gone are the days of cluttered web pages, because we’re moving towards a modern and clean layout which will make it easier to read and navigate. Mark your calendar for the 1st week of March and be on the lookout for some MAJOR changes!

Congressman Wyden is Feeling the Pressure

At PPA, we are strong believers in protecting the copyrights of artists. That’s why we’ve been bringing the heat to Congressman Wyden by pushing out a series of videos to convince him to support Small Claims.

Here are a couple examples of what was sent to him:

Creators are Being Robbed Support the Case Act

“I had one of my photos taken and misrepresented as someone else’s work.”- Support the Case Act

Apparently, he’s finally starting to feel the pressure. Fingers crossed that this along with our other initiatives will be enough to get him onboard with Small Claims!

Logo Updates

After changing the PPA logo, we have been working relentlessly to update all of the old logos on everything across the website. There are still a lot to correct, but don’t worry, we will get to all of them. Members, you can download your new logo under the Myppa tab of your profile. Make sure to do this so you’re repping the new and improved PPA!

Degrees Are In

Members, your hard work has really shown and what better way to reward you than by giving you your well-deserved degrees. Head over to the Myppa section of your profile to see all of the degrees you’ve earned this year. We couldn’t be more proud of you!

New and Improved Model Release

We recently changed the Model Release! The structure looks a lot cleaner than before, and we think that you guys are going to love it. To see what we did, take a look for yourselves!

Thank you so much Kristen for letting us know what’s new at PPA!

If you’re interested in more PPA updates, make sure to keep up-to-date with the library of resources at While you’re there, become a member to unlock more education and business resources. To join our fight for Small Claims, make sure to read here for more information on the Act!