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May 31, 2017

What YOU Need to Know About Drone Waivers, Part 4

iStock-607606926.jpgThis week PPA's drone-waiver series addresses Section 107.33, also known as "Visual Observer". According to the regulations, the "Visual Observer", a second person distinct from the remote pilot, must have constant communication with the remote pilot, be able to see the drone, and beware of any hazardous conditions present while in the air. 

In order to obtain this waiver, many requirements discussed in last week's waiver blog about "Visual line of sight" must be met. These include: 

creating a detailed plan 

accessing any possible risks

conducting various practices and simulations. 

Due to the amount of preparation and planning required to satisfy the FAA concerns, only a handful of these 107.33 waivers have been granted.  Remember: if you are attempting to obtain this waiver, make sure you begin preparing at least a year out in advance to give yourself (and the FAA) enough time to process the waiver request. 

As always before any flights, refer to the B4U Fly app and make sure your drone is registered.

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