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January 20, 2020

Upgrade Your Artistry This Year. Head To TheLoop To Learn How To Improve Your Style, and Share Your Expert Advice on Equipment Shopping. Contribute To The Conversation Today!

TheLoop is PPA’s photography forum to share your tips and tricks to improve your photography business. TheLoop has been buzzing with questions and advice. Check out these threads to join the conversation and help these Loopers out!

“How Will You Elevate Your Artistry In 2020?”

This Looper has shared an article about elevating your artistry through creative pursuits. How will you nurture your creative side this year? Will you take an art composition class? One Looper who replied to this thread advised that every time that you take on a new creative skill is a valuable opportunity to connect with new clients and generate revenue for your photography business. How will you take your art to the next level in 2020? Join the conversation to let this Looper know!

“Tax Question, EIN for W-9?”

This thread is centered around how to provide tax information to clients depending on what type of business you are registered as. This Looper needs some advice on whether she should give a client her EIN number or her SSN. Do you have any tips for her? Visit this thread to learn about taxes and share your advice.

“Wide Angle Lens Research Help”

This branding and lifestyle photographer is sharing their first ever post on the Loop! They need help finding their first wide-angle lens for a Nikon D70 camera. This Looper has grown tired of research and could really use some real-world lens shopping advice from fellow PPA photographers. Join this thread to lend a hand today!

“Most Reliable and Powerful Portable Battery”

The creator of this thread is in the market for a good source of portable power for on-location photo shoots. She’s already been looking into the mini vagabond and the Nomad Interfit. There are some topics in theLoop already that offer portable battery advice, but this Looper would really appreciate more recent advice. Join the conversation to help her out!

“Printer Question”

This Looper has just experienced the tragedy of a broken printer. She wants a great replacement that can produce proof book prints or 8x10 photos. Suggestions have been shared, but she could use more expert advice for her printer search! Reply to this thread with your favorite photo printer today.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this breakdown of the most popular recent threads on theLoop. This forum is always buzzing with new conversations and camera tips—to find more threads or start your own, visit theLoop today! While you’re speaking to this amazing community of professional photographers, head over to for more photography related content available in our library of articles.