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February 07, 2020

Gain Inspiration and Watch Your Photography Business Rise To New Heights With The Helpful Advice In These Articles

Whether you’re brand new to the professional photography life or you’re a seasoned veteran, everyone can use help in refining their workflow process, drumming up new customers, and finding a little inspiration. These articles provide advice for your photography business as well as insights into the experts of the industry.

“Untold Stories: Photographs By The Late Peter Lindbergh Reveal Insights Into His Legendary Career”

This article by Tora Baker published on shares beautiful black and white photos taken across decades by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh. The subjects of these portraits include actresses Milla Jovovich and Uma Thurman as well as professional models. Lindbergh’s photos are poignant and thought-provoking, especially in this monochromatic style. If you’re looking for some portrait inspiration, check out Creativeboom’s gallery of Lindbergh photos in this article.

“Your Photo Business Workflow For Success: 10 Steps To Get You There Today”

If you ever need a boost in productivity, this article by has the tips that you need to help your business succeed. Start with organization. Becoming more organized is easier than you think, according to Design Aglow:

“Here are three easy tasks you can do today to get organized: 1. create a file for each client and file all paperwork accordingly, 2. customize our Studio Workflow Assistant for your client workflow and 3. file your emails by client and archive all emails from jobs over six months old.”

Creating a better organization system is the first step to achieving the rest of your 10 steps to success. Another helpful tip from Design Aglow, which is a great follow-up after getting organized, is to create a system for following up with emails and direct messages. It can be easy for serious inquiries to get lost amidst all the other kinds of mail that you receive to your inbox.

The best way to turn leads into customers is to find a way to respond as soon as possible. Design Aglow also suggests calling the lead immediately no matter how they contacted you. Whether or not these tips work for your business, they’re definitely worth a try! Read more of Design Aglow’s tips here and let us know if they help you improve your workflow.

“3 Laws for Attracting New Clients”

Every business needs to constantly find more clients to expand their income pool and professional photography is no different. That’s why we’re sharing Imran Tariq's article written for to help you learn some great tips to use when you’re stuck on finding new clients.

Tariq begins by emphasizing the importance of blog content. The purpose of the blogs you write for your personal website should be to provide solutions to your potential clients’ pain points: “If you can answer your target customer’s questions and provide them with the answers and insights they need from a Google search, they’ll remember your company as the expert.” If you follow this tactic, potential clients will be more likely to hire you because you'll be presenting your business as the solution to their problems.

For more of Tariq’s business tips, read the full article here.

We hope you benefit from the advice and inspiration that these articles provide! For similar content, visit to browse our library of blog articles. While you’re there, grab a PPA membership to reap the full benefits of our educational resources and equipment insurance.