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March 24, 2023

Capture the Moment, Share the Knowledge: The Fulfilling Experience of Teaching a PPA Workshop

Are you looking for a fulfilling way to share your photography expertise with others? Teaching a PPA workshop helps you hone your craft, and it also has a positive impact on the lives of students. Instructors earn 2 merits toward their PPA degree, while connecting with their photography community, growing their customer base, and earning additional revenue. Teaching a class also allows instructors the chance to learn more about their niche through the eyes of others while strengthening their brand. For students, attending a workshop will earn you 1 merit toward your degree, grow your professional network, and strengthen your understanding of a subject. From wildlife to boudoir to inclusive portraiture, discover how these PPA instructors simplify the teaching process and make their lessons accessible to everyone.


From Light and Airy to Dark and Moody with Lea Flores

Lea Flores, entrepreneur, and boudoir photographer, believes that teaching a workshop is one of the most satisfying ways to share her expertise with others. Regardless of your experience or lack of experience as an educator, there is a strong demand for hands-on, in-person learning. Although it can be nerve-wracking to step up in front of a class, the satisfaction of seeing students learn and grow is priceless. Flores understands that learning can be intimidating, which is why she simplifies the teaching process and strives to make her lessons accessible to everyone. "My goal is for every student to leave with at least one valuable lesson." She says. Flores aims to teach her students how to diversify their client’s images by breezing through a flow of poses. The most rewarding part of her job is to be in the same room with her clients when she reveals their images for the first time. “It’s such a rewarding feeling.” She says. 

Bird Photography for Beginners with Kory Bumgardner

Kory Bumgardner, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a wildlife photographer who has a deep understanding and appreciation for the art of capturing animals in their natural habitat. When asked why she chose wildlife as her focus, she giggled and said, “People care too much what they look like.” Animals as a subject require patience on the photographer’s part, and a beautiful bird won’t always perch in an easy-to-photograph spot. Bumgardner teaches students how to make the best of these moments, and to know when to listen to your gut, and tirelessly wait for the subject to take flight (or move a little to the left). Wildlife photography is truly therapeutic for Bumgardner, and her passion is evident in her approach to teaching. For her, teaching a PPA workshop has been an excellent way to broaden her perspective and refine her approach. It has also helped her learn what questions are top of mind for students, which has further deepened her understanding of her subject. She encourages fellow photographers who are interested in teaching to "dip a toe in" and teach a PPA workshop.

Celebrating Children with Differing Abilities Through Portraiture with Michele Hutchinson

Michele Hutchinson, CPP, is a photographer with a huge passion for education. Her mission is to help photographers develop a deeper understanding of disabilities as part of a person's overall identity. By offering education and instruction, she empowers photographers to showcase what children are capable of, rather than dwelling on their limitations. Hutchinson has a very holistic approach to teaching about children with differing abilities. She takes special care to emphasize that every child with a particular diagnosis is unique and different from another child with the same diagnosis. She also teaches about the correct terminology and language to use when discussing disabilities, as well as how to ask questions before a session to ensure a smoother experience for the child, parent, and photographer. For those who aspire to teach photography, Hutchinson poses the question: "What do you know that you can offer?"

Remember, in addition to the experience of teaching a PPA Photography Workshop, you will also earn 2 merits toward your degree. Continue your pursuit of excellence, grow your career, and help others while doing it! Register to teach a fall workshop May 30–July 18. It’s also not too late to sign up for Spring Workshops and earn 1 merit per class! View the full list of offerings and earn merits toward your PPA degree!