theLoop: Code of Conduct

You are now officially in the loop (or “in theLoop,” as we say)! But before we can grant you access, you need to give us the secret handshake and the magic password...just kidding! All jokes aside, please take a moment to read over theLoop’s Official Etiquette Guide, and you’ll be free to explore! That’s right; we’re asking for people to abide by our Terms of Use and… simply be nice: theLoop is open to all.

Here are a few rules of etiquette to remember when using theLoop.

  • PPA online communities, including theLoop, ourPPA LinkedIn group, any PPA managed social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, are here for PPA members and others in our photography group to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences about professional photography. As the host of these communities, PPA is committed to creating a fun and beneficial experience for all. These communities do not exist to foster attacks against others or PPA. Any attacks, personal criticisms, or threats are outside of the defined purpose of PPA’s online community and will not be tolerated.
  • Stay on topic. Good contributions help the entire community by providing relevant, insightful information or asking important questions. If your post contains anything unrelated to the topic of photography in the forum or article, it may be removed, especially if it’s spamming in nature.
  • Make your subject line concise, accurate and specific. This makes it easier for people to respond appropriately and to search the archives by subject. Remember your readers and try to follow standard email etiquette.
  • Be honest, be yourself. The community is intended to be used for the helpful exchange of information between members. False, inaccurate, or otherwise misleading information is not helpful. Please be sincere in your community participation by only contributing content you know is accurate. Be mindful to respect the "closed" environment of PPA’s online communities and do not forward messages to non-members.
  • Keep it clean, keep it friendly. Every post should make a positive contribution. The community is open to all points of view on the intended topics; mature, polite debate is encouraged. Attacks or cyber-bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Keep marketing efforts separate; minimize clutter. Respect the community's purpose by not using it as a marketing channel or submitting any content you've been paid or otherwise rewarded by a third party to write. Any marketing or sales related content will be removed immediately. Refrain from posting any sales or promotional offers, messaging, or materials for your business will be tolerated other than on (other than on the Vendor Forum on ourPPA Forums).
  • Use the right channels for complaints. PPA online communities are not the appropriate platforms to resolve personal issues or start disputes against any member or organization. Posts of this nature will be removed.
  • Submit only your own, original content. Help us maintain the community's integrity and observe the intellectual property rights of others by only submitting content you have personally written or else used with permission and properly attributed. The community should not be used to distribute unauthorized copies of any copyrighted material.
  • Follow the Community Terms of Use. The Terms of Use provide helpful information for what is, and is not, acceptable on theLoop. Please thoroughly read the Terms of Use and follow the guidelines.

Help look after your community. There is a permanent record of your posts across all online community platforms. PPA’s online platforms are here for the benefit and enjoyment of members like you. If you notice content within the community that does not abide by these guidelines or the Terms and Conditions, please report it to our Community Coordinator Melody at [email protected].