PPA Council Elections

The nominating and voting process is completely electronic, so watch your inbox for future emails with links and instructions. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind.

What is Council? 

PPA Council is a delegate body which meets once a year at Imaging USA. Councilors handle Association business, which may include Bylaws and Adopted Procedure changes and the election of the PPA Board of Directors and/or its nominating Committee

In addition to attending the annual Council meeting, it shall be the duty of the elected Councilors:

  • Represent PPA members in their state.
  • Represent PPA to their state PPA members.
  • Serve as a liaison between state members and PPA.
  • Attend meetings and conventions in their states.
  • Encourage membership in PPA.

Information on the 2024 Council Elections

The Basics: 

Council elections are governed by the Council Policies. All Full, Additional, Associate, Retired and Life PPA members are eligible to be nominated and vote in the Council election in their state.

Who serves on Council?

There is a maximum of 150 elected Councilors total. Each state (including DC and Canada) has a minimum of one (1) Councilor. The remaining seats will be distributed proportionally based on PPA’s membership. Any U.S. Territory with a minimum of 30 PPA members will receive one seat. Past-presidents, Committee Chairman, and the Board of Directors will serve on Council as non-elected Councilors.

View your state's council seat allocation here.

What are the requirements to be nominated? 

  • Be a Full, Additional, Associate, Retired, or Life members of PPA.
  • Be a voting member of PPA and a resident of, or having their principal place of business in, the state from which they are elected.

How are members nominated? 

  • Any five PPA members can nominate a qualified member within their state. 
  • PPA Local and State Affiliate organizations may nominate a qualified member within their state.

When do elections take place?

  • Council elections occur every three years.