PPA Membership Benefits / Insurance for Professional Photographers / Protect Your Business with PPA Cyber Insurance

In the digital age, photographers face new challenges every day. PPA members now have access to Cyber Insurance through Lockton Affinity, which not only provides coverage, but it’s also a blanket of proactive security too! Don't let cybercriminals threaten your business.

Why Cyber Insurance?

  • Immediate Support: Fast, expert assistance in the wake of cyber-attacks, ensuring you're never left in the dark.
  • Comprehensive Protection: From data breaches to ransomware, safeguard your business!
  • Peace of Mind: Focus on the photography, knowing we've got your back against the digital dangers.

A Shield Against Cybercrime

Cyber threats don't discriminate by size. Whether you're a solo photographer or run a bustling studio, you're in the crosshairs. With PPA Cyber Insurance, all those worries drift away.

Beyond Traditional Security

Think you're covered with strong passwords and the latest antivirus? Think again. Cyber Insurance is your digital bodyguard, stepping in when traditional defenses may fall short. Plus, it empowers you to recover your data without caving to ransom demands.