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Side-by-side comparisons are great for showing your clients and prospects the difference between amateur and professional photography. Download one of the templates below, insert your own photo, then make an amateur version of the same photo. Your comparisons should demonstrate the composition, posing, lighting and retouching that a professional applies to an image.

  • Add your side-by-side comparisons to your website or frame and display them where your clients can see why they should hire a pro like you! You could even run a slideshow on a monitor in your waiting room.
  • Show your clients and prospects the difference between professional and amateur photos and how much better their photos will be if they hire you, a pro.
  • Be more confident in marketing yourself as a pro.
  • Justify your fees, quality, and expertise by showing clients how you, an experienced professional, know how to use lighting, composition and posing techniques to make them look their best every time.

Here's a video tutorial on how to update these marketing template PSD files.

Side-by-Side Comparison Templates



Add your own photo and an amateur version of the same photo to show the differences in artistry and technique. Click on the download button below to get all the templates.


Spot the Difference Postcards



Here you will find a Spot the Difference card for each photography specialty: Wedding, Family, Newborn, Senior, and Pet. These postcards explain the difference between an amateur and a professional image and you can customize them with your own images and details! These help visualize just how important it is to hire a professional.