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August 06, 2019

You Can Learn How to Bridge The Gap at Imaging USA 2020

The photography industry is more than just photography. To be successful, you have to incorporate business and marketing skills into your passion. This is exactly why you have to attend the upcoming Imaging USA! You’ll be able to hone in on your business skills through the variety of programs offered at the largest and greatest photography convention.

Imaging USA will guide you through the best way to break into the industry. This starts with understanding the customer. It is one of the most important skills in the photography industry for a reason. These crucial workshops will allow you to understand how your consumers think, which will help you find the best way to attract the right clients for your business.

The Bridging the Gap class track is back this year after a hugely successful first go-round last year. Many of the previous classes are now available as videos on PPAedu. For instance, you’ll learn all of the tips and tricks to having the best business through Mike Michalowicz’s Pumpkin Plan. Yes, you read that right the Pumpkin Plan. Even if the name sounds a little funny to you, it will help your business thrive. Like a pumpkin, a business needs room to grow. This seminar will teach you how to cut off useless growth within your business and how to promote a growth strategy so that you can watch your business flourish.

These are just some of the incredible programs that Imaging USA has to offer. There will be tons of other consumer-centric topics that will help you improve your skills like time management, studio & company culture and productive visioning to name a few. By adapting with the industry, you are giving yourself the greatest ability to evolve with your business. 

Let’s narrow the GAP between you and your consumers and get the photography industry where it needs to be! Early bird registration for Imaging USA is happening right now, so sign up ASAP to receive a discount off of the convention. You can click here to register for the experience of a lifetime!