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February 04, 2020

Who’s Ready for An Update On theLoop?! This Week Loopers Are On the Hunt for New External Drives, Zoom Lenses Cases and So Much More

External Drives

This Looper is trying to find a quality external hard drive. After having her Western Technologies drive go bad several years ago, this looper made the switch to Seagate drives five years ago and never looked back.

Everything was going fine until her Seagate backup drive started to malfunction and now she can’t retrieve any of the files on the drive. To avoid this situation again, this Looper wants to know what kind of hard drive the PPA community recommends. Let her know by replying to this thread! 

Zoom Lens Case for a Nikkor 200-500

This Looper just bought a Nikkor 200-500, but she is having issues transporting it on shoots. The lens is big and bulky, so she is looking for something that will make it easier to carry. If you have any suggestions for here, leave a message in the thread!

Appointment Scheduling Program

This Looper is on a mission to keep his client appointments organized. He would prefer to have an app or appointment scheduling program that will be able to work with his current Gmail calendar. The ideal program would let him add new clients into the system, schedule appointments, send reminders for upcoming appointments, and have everything synced with his Gmail account. Head over to the thread and give this looper some recommendations!  

Headshots and Events Pricing

This looper was asked to take headshots and cover events of a candidate running for state representatives. The only catch is that she doesn’t know how to price this request. In the past, this looper has charged too little for her work and she wants to make sure that she charges the candidate reasonably. If you have any advice on how to price this situation, give this looper some pricing advice in the thread!

*Make sure you don’t list your actual rates because it is against the PPA loop policy! 


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