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May 03, 2024

Watch the 2024 Bridging the Gap Classes!

The Bridging the Gap curriculum was developed to support photographers realize their true value and move forward in business with confidence, courage, and financial know-how. These programs address the gap between photographers' wants and their consumers' needs and find the bridge between them. These Deep Dive classes will give you a deep understanding of the speaker's topic. 

Foster a success-oriented mindset with programs that offer a wide range of views on entrepreneurialism—from speakers who come from the professional photography world to marketing and sales professionals who have never held a camera. Take a look at the seven new Gap Classes!


Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme

In this moving, theatrical, and humor-filled keynote performance, Hall of Fame Speaker and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Victoria Labalme will give you select strategies to help you advance your career.

Using skills she developed through 25 years of professional stage, screen, and comedy performances, Victoria leverages her background in the arts to share her proprietary systems that have led to stunning results around the world––with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and top teams at global brands.

Create a Personal Brand that Attracts Clients with Karen Leland

Karen Leland will teach you:

  • How to overcome the biggest branding challenges photographers face when brading their products and services.
  • How to avoid the most common branding mistakes.
  • What the most important social media outlets are for professional photographers to brand themselves on.
  • How to get started on branding. 


How to Change Your Habits and Change Your Life with Owen Fitzpatrick

In this fascinating keynote, Owen reveals why change is so hard and the surprising strategies we need to implement to make it easier. By explaining the basics of how our brains work, Owen shares valuable takeaways we can use today to build habits and behaviors of excellence.


More Money, Less Work—Optimize Your Productivity to Get More Things Done with Pat Miller

As a small business owner, a photographer is responsible for everything. How can you optimize your week and processes so you can spend more time meeting new clients and super-serving the ones you have? In Pat Miller's class, you'll receive practical step-by-step advice for maximizing your time, getting organized and moving your business forward.


Sell on TRUST and Not on Price with Dr. Yoram Solomon

Trustworthy businesses can get 29.6% higher prices for the same item than untrustworthy ones. Even worse, Yoram found that you will have to discount your product or service by 22.8% just to compete with a trustworthy business, if you are not one. In this keynote, you will learn how to build your trustworthiness as a business through examples and the new relative and dynamic trust model. Learn Habits that will make you a trustworthy business.

AI Panel AI and Photography… The Good, the Bad, and the Illegal

In this full-circle discussion, David Trust, Julieanne Kost, and David Drum explore all aspects of AI in the professional photographic space, exploring ways AI will help you be more effective, more efficient, and more creative. They also take an honest look at the problems created by AI’s arrival, including the work taking place on Capitol Hill to protect your ability to compete. 

How to Succeed at Anything: Focus, Clarity, and Mindset

Megan Reilly is unstoppable. She helped her sister with a new dance studio business and turned it into seven locations.  When COVID hit, she changed direction and her businesses thrived.  She appeared on Shark Tank and received multiple offers. Now she co-owns the franchise business with 35 locations in 2 countries.  She runs a top podcast.  Through her successes, Megan created a distinct process that guided her.  Megan shares the three steps it takes to be successful at anything.

  1. FOCUS on what you can control and what gets you closer to your goal
  2. Have CLARITY about what you value most in your life
  3. A MINDSET that embraces the good and bad on the journey is unstoppable