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October 15, 2019

Use These 7 Key Strategies To Watch Your Photography Business Achieve More Goals Than Ever Before

The best thing about being a professional photography is getting paid for doing what you love! However, professional photography is a business just like any other. A great way to help your business grow is through a strategic plan like the growth strategy set in this article, 7 Steps to a Growth Strategy That Works Immediately, by Rob Biederman of Biederman details several steps to building a growth strategy that can upgrade your business to the next level!


The first step to growing your business is establishing your value proposition. “For your business to sustain long-term growth, you must understand what sets it apart from the competition. Identify why customers come to you for a product or service,” Biederman suggests. He emphasizes defining the value of your brand to customers. Understanding what makes your brand stand out from the crowd will help you create a growth strategy and improve your marketing!


Who is your ideal customer? What audience is your business trying to reach? This is an ideal step in crafting your growth strategy. If you specialize in pet photography, then pet owners would be your audience. If you mainly work in senior portraits, then your audience would be the parents of high school seniors. “Revert back to this audience as you adjust business to stimulate growth.”

Don’t be afraid to look to your competition for inspiration! PPA loves to encourage photographers to treat each other as a resource. What are your peers not doing? What are they implementing that could be good for your business? Play to your own strengths while recognizing where your business can improve.


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