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December 11, 2020

Tyndell Purchases the Tap Stock Photo Division-formerly known as Taprell Loomis-from Tap Packaging + Design

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Release Date: December 11th, 2020


Tyndell purchases the Tap Stock Photo Division—formerly known as Taprell Loomis—from Tap Packaging + Design


Livonia, Michigan | December 11, 2020


On December 11, 2020, Tap Packaging + Design sold it’s stock photo division—formerly known as Taprell Loomis—to Tyndell Photographic. The transaction between the two largest photo packaging manufacturers leaves Tyndell at the forefront of the photo packaging industry. Tyndell is a full-service photo packaging supply company and manufacturer of high-quality, custom-branded photo packaging products made in the USA. Family owned and operated in Livonia, Michigan since 1978, Tyndell offers a wide range of stock products, including portrait & album boxes, bags, portrait folders & mounts, USBs & USB packaging, albums, folios, memory mates, sports mounts, photo cases, and much more. Tyndell also offers a wide variety of services to brand your products, including foil stamping, laser engraving, UV printing, and screen printing.


Ben Tyndell, President of Tyndell Photographic and second-generation owner, is exceptionally optimistic about the purchase. “We’ve had a longstanding and good relationship with Tap for more than 25 years. Considering our relationship as well as our own standing as a leader in the photo packaging industry, I am both honored and proud that we were able to come to this agreement with Tap Packaging + Design. At the end of the day, this transaction really enables both companies to move forward in the best possible direction for continued success.”


President of Tap Packaging + Design, J. Anthony Hyland agrees, “our decision to sell the stock photo division will enable the company to focus efforts on driving our consumer packaged goods business. I am very pleased with the deal and whole-heartedly believe the stock photo division will be in good hands. I am confident Tyndell Photographic will exceed customer expectations in terms of product selection, price, and quality, as well as the overall customer experience.”


This most recent purchase is only the latest of many similar transactions for Tyndell. In the past several years, Tyndell has taken a strategic approach to growing in the photo packaging industry. In December 2018, Tyndell purchased Michel and Company based in Chicago, Illinois and shortly thereafter purchased Kendall Hartcraft based in Huntsville, Alabama in January 2019. Then again in May 2020, Tyndell purchased DNL, a photo packaging supplier based out of Los Angeles, California. These transactions further expanded Tyndell’s consumer base across the US and added a variety of photo packaging products to the company’s already extensive offerings, including ready-made frames, albums, folders, photo-mounts and USB products.


In addition to expanding the company’s reach, Tyndell’s recent growth strategy led the company to make significant investments in new equipment. For years, Tyndell has offered foil imprinting as a way for photographers to brand their photo packaging or personalize their packaging with client names, dates, and event information. Tyndell’s recent investments in new equipment enabled the company to expand it’s customization and finishing services. In addition to foil imprinting, Tyndell now offers laser engraving and full color printing options as another way for photographers to brand and personalize their packaging.


Ben Tyndell explains “photo packaging enhances the value of a photographer’s work—it’s key to establishing a brand and developing a reputation as a professional photographer. We want to be a one-stop shop for our photography customers—where photographers can easily purchase personalized photo packaging that reflects their brand. With our recent purchases and investments, I believe we are better equipped and able to accomplish this goal.” 


For more information about Tyndell Photographic, please visit or email [email protected].