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September 13, 2018

Tips for the Best Candid Wedding Shots

Generally, when you’re hired to photograph a wedding, the happy couple will want some candid shots mixed in with the professional images in order to truly remember the mood and occurrences of the joyful day. The problem with candid shots is that sometimes they can be tricky to get. People tend to tense up and get awkward once they notice you’re trying to take a photo of them, which can result in the image looking unnatural.

The key to getting good candid shots is to invest in a good lens and to keep your distance. Bring with you a lens that zooms well, uses a shallow depth of field, and focuses easily on the person you’re trying to photograph. Once you have that, try to be as sneaky as possible. Hide behind trees and walls to get the perfect shot of a group of friends laughing or an emotional family moment.

To get candid photos you have to be ready at all times. Don’t take a break for a second or else you may miss some intense, moving moments like the groom crying the first time he sees his lovely bride. Stay focused on your goal and snap away! But don’t forget to keep a respectful distance and let the guests enjoy the event.

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