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July 19, 2018

This NEW Class Track at Imaging USA Will Help Bridge the Gap Between Photographers and Consumers!

This NEW class track at Imaging USA will help you bridge the gap between you and your consumers! The "Gap" programming will teach you to fly free and do your photography thing with confidence, courage, support and financial know-how!

  • WHO are Gap Programs for? ALL working photographers who want to grow sustainable businesses!​​
  • WHAT are these Gap Programs about? WHAT has changed in the industry that makes it hard to get noticed in a sea of photographers; HOW to attract the right customers; HOW to overcome business fears; WHAT it takes to do in-person sales!
  • HOW will Gap Programs help? You'll understand the ever-changing expectations of clients and their needs, all while diving into a success-oriented, entrepreneurial mindset!

And to start things off, Scott Stratten, the man behind UNmarketing and the UNpodcast, will open Imaging USA with an impactful keynote address!

Check it out! Scott just recorded an episode with photographers in mind, where he talks about pricing, service, and making things easy for customers. This podcast will be available to the public in August, but you can listen to the whole thing right here with this exclusive early release, only though PPA!

To hear more episodes of UNpodcast and get a leg up before Imaging USA, be sure to subscribe on iTunes!