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September 08, 2020

The Future of the CASE Act

Intellectual property represents $6.6 trillion—over one third—of the total GDP of the United States. This number accounts for not just the work of photographers but also graphic artists, authors, illustrators, songwriters, and countless other professions. That’s why it’s crucial that the federal government safeguards the creative industries from copyright infringement.

For over 11 years, Professional Photographers of America has worked to reduce copyright infringement by giving creators the tools they need to go after those that steal their creations. The status quo for creators is filing an infringement lawsuit through federal court, but unfortunately for infringements amounting to less than $30,000, this is not a viable option.

The solution originally proposed by the Copyright Office is the small claims process known as the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act). Right now, we’re closer than ever to achieving our goal. In October, the CASE Act passed in the House 410-6 but has since stalled languished in the Senate because of one hold from Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. This is why we need your help.

There are only a few more days on the legislative calendar for the CASE Act to be brought up for a vote, and your voice makes all the difference. After all, your senator represents you and your interests. If they see the tidal wave of support coming in from their constituents, they will push to have this legislation voted on.

We don’t know if we will ever get another chance at passing this legislation. We need you.

Please send a letter today at