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May 03, 2018

The Fight for Copyright Change Continues – Make Your Voice Heard!

People like you, fighting for artists' rights, have sent letters to Congress over the past few months to champion H.R. 3945, the "Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act ("the CASE Act"). CASE addresses a decades-old inequity in America's copyright system: a copyright system that all too often denies individual creators and small businesses a viable means of protecting their creative efforts. When it passes, the bill will give smaller individual creators the same kind of protections that larger scale creators have enjoyed for years. 

Copyright infringement takes a direct economic toll on these often-one-person operations, who must shoulder the burden of policing infringements while at the same time seeking and fulfilling assignments, working on self-initiated projects and maintaining all the tasks of running a 24/7 business. For many, losses due to infringement are overwhelming.

Don't stop fighting! Demand your representatives co-sponsor or vote for H.R. 3945, which provides long overdue, much-needed and meaningful legislative relief for the photographers and artists currently squeezed out of the legal system by the high cost of bringing suit in federal court for higher volume but relatively low-value claims, have seen their licensing revenues decimated in recent years by the proliferation of copyright infringements, particularly in the online context. Enactment of the CASE Act will provide an effective, affordable alternative to prosecuting copyright infringement claims in federal court—an option that is all too often not economically affordable for individual small creators.

Let's get it done! Keep sending your letters now. Also, check out the updates from our latest visit to D.C. Here's Part 1 and Part 2