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April 29, 2020


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, four pieces of financial assistance and relief legislation have been passed and trillions of dollars spent in only a matter of months. Despite the rollout of these programs, significant problems have occurred in their implementation, extending the hardship across the creative community and the nation. 


However, as you may know, there is a viable solution that would not just help photographers but all creators: the CASE Act. This solution wouldn’t cost trillions of dollars. It wouldn’t even cost millions. The CASE Act would give copyright holders an inexpensive option to access justice against those who steal the fruits of someone else’s labor. After all, copyright infringement is theft. Period.  


The proposed bill is designed to function remotely, so there’s no requirement to appear in a federal court if you’re seeking compensation for an infringement or to defend yourself from an alleged infringement. The act could even operate in our current state of affairs, without the need for getting on a plane to Washington D.C. 


Who could possibly be against this straightforward and useful legislation? Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has maintained his hold for over half a year despite conversation after conversation. When will he lift his hold? When will creators be given the tools to defend their work from being stolen? The CASE Act already passed the House with a massive bi-partisan vote, 410-6. Yet, one Senator—just one—stands in the way of the CASE Act hitting the Senate floor. Call Senator Ron Wyden at 202-224-5244 and urge him to lift his hold! 

There is something YOU can do to help: Send a letter to your senator today and ask him/her to co-sponsor this critical piece of legislation.

Photographers are hurting. Our nation is hurting. And senators are looking for ways to help. With the CASE Act, justice will be more than an idea. It will be a reality for thousands of Americans.