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August 12, 2019

Teen Photographer Taking the Industry by Storm

In the photography industry, age doesn’t define talent.  Instead, it’s about the dedication and drive to learn new angles and positions with your camera and perfecting your editing skills to stand apart in the industry. This is exactly what teenage photographer, Jack Gillespie has done and now he has a profile in the Daily Herald.

Jack started off with only his iPhone and has since upgraded his photography game with a Canon EOS 6D Mark II to capture his shots.  Now as just a high school senior, Jack has been excelling in the photography industry and has already been taking jobs with companies like Skydeck Chicago, Navy Pier and Wendella Boat Tours to name a few.

Jack’s constantly changing inspiration has pushed his photos to stand out among the rest. He’s always jotting down ways to improve and thinking of new out of the box ideas for his photos. With a passion like that, there’s no telling how far Jack will go!

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