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October 11, 2019

Stop Using Other People’s Photography to Inspire Your Own Photography! It’s Time to Find Inspiration Somewhere Else

Where should Photography Inspiration Come From? 

Photographers you need to hear this: Don’t rely on other photographers for inspiration. It might sound crazy, but it’ll help you become a better photographer. The best way to inspire and improve your work is by looking at other art forms. According to Clinton Lofthouse’s article, Photographers Should Not Be Inspired by Photography, you can gain more experience by studying paintings, sketches, and digital art than you ever will from other people's photography.

If you only look at photography, you are limiting your artistic lens. Do yourself a favor and expand it by studying and understand the techniques and styles associated with other artworks. Learn about their depth, analyze the way they center their artwork, and allow their work to expand your creative freedoms as an artist. Don’t be afraid to get lost in this article as well as the other pieces that you see around you every day. 
This article could be a game-changer for your photography. If you want to learn more about improving your craft, make sure to head over to the article on Fstoppers! Want more articles like this? Join PPA now!