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July 05, 2022

New Consumer Research Report: Insights on Newborn Photography

Photographing a newborn life is more than just taking a picture. Creating images of newborn babies requires a safe, caring, nurturing environment to capture the best images of new life. 

Whether you’re new to Newborn photography, or you’ve been in the genre for years, discovering what consumers want will help you improve your marketing and bring in more repeat clients. That’s where our new consumer research report, Consumer Insights: Newborn Photography can help. It helps you visualize your consumers’ needs, exceed their expectations, and take your Newborn Photography business to the next level. 

The data, statistics, and insights in this report will teach you what Newborn photography consumers are looking for and how you can fit their photography needs. Take advantage of key takeaways including:

  • Consumers rely on your style and knowledge and lean into your expertise. They are likely to want additional photography to capture the baby’s milestones in the first year.
  • Meeting in person is important because much is discussed and decided beforehand (session expectations, safety, contracts and deposits, and product purchases.)
  • Even though clients have a budget in mind, more than 25% said they ended up spending more than they’d planned.

And that’s just the beginning! The Consumer Insights: Newborn Photography report includes insights, statistics, and data, that can help you stand out as a business that offers a valuable client experience.

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