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May 08, 2020

Are You Craving More Photography Tips and Tricks? Check Out This Article Roundup To Learn About Low-Light, Aerial Photography, and Creative Photography Projects

Check Out These Articles for Photography Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for ways to improve your photography skills or master new techniques, our article roundups are meant for you. We gather the best tips and tricks from reputable sources to help you improve your craft! In this roundup, we’ve got tips on achieving high-quality low-light images without a flash, 15 projects to jumpstart your creativity, “isolation photos” from 8 photographers across the globe and an interview with prominent aerial photographer, Frank Crebas. 

“Low Light Photography Tips Without A Flash”

This article written by Gary Hendricks for provides insight into the value of low-light photography walks the reader, step-by-step, through the process of achieving quality images in low-light settings- without using a flash. Hendricks advises that the best way to master low-light photography is to truly understand your camera’s settings and the role that light plays in achieving the image you desire: “Here’s the golden rule to remember. A high ISO setting in your camera allows the light falling on the sensor to be amplified. The downside to that is increased image noise. So your pictures may turn out a bit grainy. A low ISO reduces the amplification of light landing on the sensor, but you get less digital noise appearing.”

While this information may seem elementary to seasoned photographers, it never hurts to brush up on the basics! If you’ve ever wanted to improve your knowledge of low-light photography, be sure to read the full article to take full advantage of Hendricks’ tips. 


“15 Photography Ideas to Boost Your Creativity”

Have you been looking for new methods to shake up your photography routine? If so, this article, written by Karthika Gupta for Digital Photography School, will be a great resource for you! Gupta advises you to get creative by thinking outside the box- playing with motion blur, adding emotion, trying out triptych images, and much more. Gupta’s suggests creating motion blur by capturing motion in your frame: “For me, the easiest way to achieve motion blur is to slow the shutter speed and show some movement of the subject.” 

One of Gupta’s more unconventional suggestions is to embrace the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the art of embracing imperfection in the world. Bringing this perspective into your photography is a great creative exercise that could inspire you to have a bit more fun with your creative shots and let go of the pressure to take a “perfect” photo. When imperfection is the point of your final image, it’s easier to let go and allow yourself the opportunity to try new things. Whether you’re new to the methods presented in this article, or you’ve used them before, it’s always helpful to generate creativity by being open to new perspectives. 

Read the full article to discover more of Gupta’s creative photography suggestions. 


“Aviation Photographer Frank Crebas Talks About Camera Choice, Air-to-Air Techniques And Backseat Experiences”

Frank Crebas is one of the most prominent aerial photographers. He’s been lauded for images included in Dutch F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. This article written by Tom Demerly for the Aviationist, a blog run by David Cenciotti, gives you an inside look at the aerial photography industry based on an Instagram Live interview with Crebas from April 22nd, 2020. Demerly uses this article to share insights from the the interview including Crebas’ aerial photography influences: “Among Crebas’ inspirations in aerial photography are Jamie Hunter, editor of Combat Aircraft magazine, John Dibbs of the Plane Picture Company and Rich Cooper of the Centre of Aviation Photography.”

If you’d like to read more from Crebas’ interview, take full advantage of this detailed article! To learn more about aerial photography, browse the Aviationist for more content.

“Eight Photographers’ Pictures From Isolation” 

This article, written by Meara Sharma for “T”, the New York Times Style Magazine showcases work that professional photographers have created from the safety of their homes during isolation: 


“Here we all are, burdened by untold fears, forced to make do, to essentialize, to improvise. And also, within all of this, to open our eyes and attend to new possibilities.”


Sharma acknowledges the strange and unique times we are all living in. For creatives, used to deriving inspiration from the world around them, staying inspired and connected to their art can become challenging. Sharma reports that many photographers found an increased connection with nature: “Some relayed mystical encounters with nature and the animal world,” while others “found ongoing projects imbued with fresh relevance.” Sharma gathered testimonies from photographers all across the world from Long Island, the Caribbean and Ireland, all the way to Tokyo, Japan. 

While some of these projects are region-specific, others, like Joel Meyerowitz’s year-long daily self-portrait project, have a built-in advantage for self-isolating. If you’d like some inspiration for staying creative, or just want the chance to share in the projects others are creating during this time, be sure to read the full article

We hope you’ve enjoyed the resources from this week’s article roundup. To learn more photography techniques you can create a free PPA account and access our library of educational video content from now until May 31, 2020!