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May 28, 2019

It Only Takes Seconds to Support the CASE Act!

Everything you, PPA, and thousands of other visual arts-creators have been working for is paying off! The CASE Act (Copyright Alternative to Small Claims Enforcement Act) is moving forward in both the House and the Senate for the first time ever.

If you want to make waves and have your voice heard about how badly photographers need copyright protection, you need to take 10 seconds and send an email via It really only takes ten seconds or less. Do it every day!

Known for years by activists and supporters as the "small claims bill", the CASE Act is would make it possible for small-business image creators (i.e. professional photographers) to take advantage of the U.S. copyright system for the first time since its inception. This small claims bill would provide creators with a remedy to protect their works, and make sure that they are paid for what they produce. The bill establishes a tribunal operating under the U.S. Copyright Office, who would oversee the new small-claims process for infringement remedies.

PPA will continue to work with Congress and actively engage and mobilize its 30,000+ photographer-members via their Copyright Grassroots Action Team. Tens of thousands of concerned constituents have sent letters, called their senators and representatives, and made their voices heard on Capitol Hill to make The CASE Act a reality. PPA and its members and partners will continue to lend their support to this legislation throughout 2019.

To contact YOUR representatives and senators (it's quick and easy!) head to and send your email now!