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March 07, 2019

Hurry! The Deadline for CPP Technical Image Evaluation is March 8… New Rules in Effect!

Don’t forget! The first CPP Technical Image Evaluation period of 2019 runs through March 8th. Get your submissions in!

The Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) credential has long been one of the prominent designations that Professional Photographers of America confers to its members. Since its creation over 40 years ago, the PPA Board of Directors has held and maintained the designation in the highest regard. Focused on providing foundational skills and competency-based knowledge, the structure of the program has long been two-tiered, split between a written exam and an image-based submission. Keeping the validity of the program at heart, the Board of Directors tasked an Action Team to review the structure and subjectivity of the Image Submission in 2017.

After many meetings, both electronically and face to face, an announcement was made in late 2018 notifying all candidates and liaisons of an update to the image requirement for Certification. Starting January 2019, all candidates are required to submit in the new Technical Image Evaluation.

The Technical Image Evaluation requires candidates to submit the same three (3) images created with a pre-assigned “kit” from Blick Art Materials (approximate cost $35) and set-up guide. The three (3) images will demonstrate the application of knowledge learned from the CPP Exam.  Each image must meet all requirements listed on the Technical Image Evaluation Checklist in order to pass the evaluation. With the new image requirement to the CPP Certification, the process will incorporate the technical proficiency of photography according to industry standard. Detailed setup guides, lighting scenarios, and sample images are available to assist candidates throughout the process.

The structure of the program will remain the same: CPP candidates must first pass the exam and then to complete their Technical Image Evaluation. Evaluations will be held five (5) times a year and candidates will be able to upload their Technical Image Evaluation in the 2-week period during which each evaluation is open, similar to the previous Image Submission. Each set of images will be reviewed by a trained evaluator and assessed on pre-set guidelines to remove the subjectivity. Therefore, each candidate will be submitting the same images with the same items used to create the three photographic settings allowing for an objective evaluation process based on proficiency, not subjectivity.

The first Technical Image Evaluation period opened February 22 and will run through March 8th. Future dates can be found online at