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March 26, 2019

How to Stand-Out in the Photography Business

Let's face it: there’s more competition in the photography field than ever before and it’s not about to get any easier. Thankfully, each of us has a unique passion or experience, or something… anything that differentiates us from others. In this article on Professional Photographer, Jeffrey Shaw, Cr.Photog. shares invaluable tips on how to use this uniqueness to distinguish yourself and art.

While finding your niche is more important than ever, it's differentiating yourself in the sea of sameness that really matters. Start by asking yourself questions from your clients' point of view, questions like, "Why should I choose you?" and "Why should I come back to you?" Once you can effectively answer those questions, you can effectively deliver your message of what makes YOU different!

"Whatever you’re passionate about doing, discover what makes you different, and take a stand," says Shaw. "Standing out is the only way to compete and succeed in professional photography."

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