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November 20, 2018

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Infrared Photography

If you’d like to offer something out of the ordinary to your clients, infrared photography may be an appealing option. Renowned photographer, author, and photographic educator, Laurie Klein, has differentiated herself by specializing in infrared photography, and she shares the secrets of her success in this article on Professional Photographer.

While it is unlikely that you can replace your standard style with infrared photography, it can be a lucrative add-on. Klein recommends gradually working your way into it and building up interest in the medium by educating clients.

“Just try it,” she says. “Almost everyone I’ve taught gets hooked. It gives a new boost to your work. This is a tough industry with a lot of competition. But when you can find something new, unique, it gives your entire business a facelift.”  Klein also gives invaluable tips on everything from equipment choices to techniques that help you achieve the best results and keep clients coming back.

Check out the full article, "How to Sell Infrared Photography to Wedding and Portrait Clients," on Professional Photographer.