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December 04, 2018

How to Market to Millennial Photography Client

In order for your business to succeed, you need an idea of the audience you’re selling to. As millennials get older, they’ve become more interested in purchasing photography, so you have to shift your business model to appeal to them in order to cultivate your income.

Millennials are individuals who around 20-40 years old right now, and although stereotypes tell you that they’re lazy and unemployed, the opposite is true. Millennials have created their own prosperity and are quite driven.

However, they’re different than Baby Boomers in that they don’t follow the traditional life path of school, job, marriage, family, so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what they need from photography at the time. In order to successfully sell to millennials, you need to set yourself apart from competitors and think creatively.

Here are 6 tips to focus your marketing on millennial clients:

  1. Social circle. Millennials are used to constantly being bombarded by advertisements, so they’re less affected by them. What means more to them is a personal recommendation from someone within their social circle. Try to widen your social circle and reach out to fellow photographers and potential clients to form a bond with your target audience.
  2. Self. Focus on creating a strong emotional connection with your clientele. Being sociable and relatable to your clients will allow you to charger higher prices for your labor and get a handle on a large market at the same time.
  3. Innovative. Don’t be afraid to go against the crowd. Millennials love businesses that are innovative, change the market, and bring something new to the table.
  4. Trusted. Make sure your clients can trust you. Be reliable and consistent. Put the customer first, and do your best to give them a pleasant experience.
  5. Purpose. Add a higher purpose to your business. Help others with your work, and donate a portion of your revenue to charity, or find another way to help others. A business with social awareness will appeal more to millennials than one that only serves itself.  
  6. Accessible. Simplify your clients’ life, and make it easy for them to reach you. Make yourself more available to them, so they’ll be encouraged to contact you.

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