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July 11, 2018

How to Create a Versatile Photography Studio & Volume Sports Photography: New Online Learning Center Videos

As a professional photographer, it’s important to stay educated on the latest photography business practices and techniques, so you can stay ahead of the game!  That’s why PPA’s Online Learning Center is a great resource for watching videos and learning something new with each minute. With more than 1,000 videos, this is the place to go for photography education.  If you need advice for setting up your studio or want to learn more about volume sports portraits, you don’t want to miss the latest releases!

Studio Tour: Creating a Versatile Studio

Jason and Joanne Marino

Your studio defines your business and how your customers perceive it, so you want to make sure it leaves a good first impression. You need to construct a studio that represents you, your photos, and your business accurately, all while making your clients as comfortable as possible. Learn how to accomplish this as Jason and Joanne Marino walk you through their photography studio.

In this video, Jason and Joanne discuss why they choose certain colors and furniture to give their clients the best experience and how you can do the same. Their company, Imagine Photography, is known for creating beautiful works of art and providing excellent customer service, so their expert advice could boost your business to the next level and bring in more income!

Sports 101 : Adding Volume Sports to Your Portrait Studio
David Grupa M.Photog.Cr., CPP

As with any business, there is an unavoidable slow season, but there are strategic ways you can continue bringing in revenue during this slow period. A great way to do so is by integrating volume sports into your portrait business. In this PPAedu video, David Grupa will guide you through product offerings, sales techniques, and how you can add this profitable niche into your company.

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