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August 22, 2018

How To Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Consumers at Imaging USA

The photography industry has changed. Now, more than ever, there exists a widening gap between photographers’ desires as artists and consumers’ needs as clients. The disconnect between photographer and consumer, this gap, has been growing steadily in the shoot-and-burn, digital, and always-faster-processing era.

These changes lead to more and more photographers working harder for less and not realizing their true value. You can put a stop to this widening gap and there is an entirely new track of classes at Imaging USA dedicated to helping you bridge the gap.

Because it’s time! It’s time you take control of your photography career and grow a sustainable business and PPA will be there to help. The “Bridging the Gap” track at Imaging USA is designed to teach photographers to move forward in business, with confidence, courage, support and financial know-how. These new classes are for all working photographers who want to grow sustainable businesses, no matter where you are in your career.

Bridging the Gap programs will focus on:

  • WHAT has changed in the photographic industry
  • HOW to attract the right photography clients
  • HOW to overcome your business fears
  • WHAT it takes to conquer in-person sales
  • WHAT are clients’ expectations and needs

You’ll get a new success-oriented mindset thanks to programs that are planned to give you a wide range of views on entrepreneurialism, featuring quality speakers from photography-industry insiders to marketing and sales professionals who have never held a camera. This diverse collection of viewpoints has been carefully curated to give you several perspectives on how to succeed in your business and on your terms.  Here are a few examples of these brand new classes… you’re in it for a treat!


How to Win with the Next Generation of Consumers
You’ll learn all about finding your next profit opportunity by doing a deep dive into understanding your hyper-connected, content-consuming clients and how (and why!) they’re more and more likely to bypass traditional forms of marketing. This class is taught by Jeff Fromm, an expert on consumer trends, marketing and innovation, who has worked with clients that include Amazon, Dairy Queen, Hershey, Marriot and the Missouri Lottery. You’re in for an eye-opening and opportunity-making session!

How Beyoncé Can Teach the Modern Photographer to Rule the World
What can Beyoncé teach you about photography marketing? You’ll find the answer with Michael Barber, Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer at Godfrey, one of the largest US-based B2B agencies. Our roles as marketers and business owners are more complicated than ever before thanks to media fragmentation and our own inability to make changes necessary to address our customers’ needs. Michael (and Beyoncé) will teach you how to solve complex organizational issues that can help make your customers happier.

Sales Sabotage
You need to get your sales up and it might just be YOU holding that back. Renowned photographers Jeffrey Dachowski, M. Photog.Cr., CPP, and Allison Tyler Jones, Cr.Photog., CPP, will share down-to-earth, practical, take-no-prisoners advice to help you with your photography sales. If your portrait sales are lower than you’d like, you’ll learn you might be sabotaging your sales without even knowing it. You need this class to learn how to identify that practice and stop it now.

Exactly What to Say – The Magic Words for Influence and Impact
Who wouldn’t want more confidence and the ability to lead a team? Phil M. Jones has made it his life’s work to demystify the sales process, reframe what it means to “sell” and help his audiences to learn new skills that empower confidence, overcome fears and instantaneously impact bottom-line results. You’ll leave knowing the right things to say in the right way at the right time in your meetings with clients and coworkers.

Rock ‘N’ Roll With It: How to Amp up Commitment and Create Super Fans
Do you have a fan base? You could! Brant Menswar is an award-winning musician and author who has helped clients navigate change and influence the collaborative culture of companies like NASA, St. Jude's, Netflix, Verizon, Sony Pictures, Hard Rock and dozens of others. So how do we create super fans within the workplace? How do we encourage and gain the highest levels of commitment from our people? You’ll learn how to create true fans in the workplace, presented through the lens of rock ’n’ roll.

Make Your Photography Business Irresistible By Speaking The Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers
Ready to start thinking outside of the box? It might just be the trick that will propel your photography sales. A portrait photographer for the most affluent families in the U.S. for more than 33 years, Jeffrey Shaw will be sharing the specific strategies he used to build his successful photography business over the last 33 years. If you need to get out of the creative-marketing rut, take this class! You can apply this knowledge to your business right away.

The Pumpkin Plan: How to Grow a Strong Business In Any Economy
If you want growth in your photography business, you need to focus. For the secret to explosive growth, according to Mike Michalowicz, the entrepreneur behind three multimillion-dollar companies, look to…the farmer. Mike will show you how farmers’ focused growth strategies apply directly to your business branding, niching and cutting off useless growth. It’s your turn to grow an award winning, explosive company!

Rich Begins with Risk
Do you find yourself playing it safe? It’s time to stop holding back! Megan DiPiero has quickly earned recognition as Southwest Florida’s favorite Headshot and Beauty portrait photographer. Now she’s ready to teach you her secrets. If you want to create a record-smashing, buzzworthy business positioned to deliver the income of your dreams then get ready to dance with risk! You’ll also discover practical ways to build your courage and resolve. You’ll leave the program ready to do the dance.  

From 3K to 30K Per Month - in 3 Months
Creating a business without a “low” season can be within your reach. Steve Saporito, one of the most sought-after photographic business training coaches in America and Australia, has helped photographers worldwide radically transform their perception of what they do with their creative and technical tool. At Imaging USA he’s offering a practical "how to" achieve an unbelievable client experience that results in your clients wanting to reward you. Elevate your family's lifestyle with consistent income every month, every year. Let Steve show you HOW!

You can find more “Bridging the Gap” videos and webinars through PPA’s Online Learning Center. Come enjoy these live, interactive sessions at Imaging USA in Atlanta, GA, January 20-22, 2019 for the main conference, and January 17-19 for add-on pre-conference workshops!