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November 02, 2018

How should event photographers be treated? And other Hot Photography Topics

Networking is the best way to meet other photographers, get advice from experienced professionals, and to improve your business through recommendations. Since photography can be an individualized industry, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone and befriend other photographers. That's why PPA created theLoop, an exclusive social network only for pro photographers!

theLoop is a friendly, open community in which you can share your struggles and stories. Hundreds of discussions happen every day covering topics including gear, education, business practices, and everything in between! You have to be a member of PPA to take advantage of theLoop, but the PPA membership is only $27.92 a month and comes with a whole range of other benefits! After you’re done joining, scroll through the hottest discussions happening now on theLoop!

Profiling: Meal for photographers
This member noticed the following message from a corporate client: "Due to a past experience where a photographer helped themselves to a large amount of food meant for attendees, we no longer can guarantee that we can provide a meal for our photographers." Is this disrespectful? Is it making an unfair assumption and ‘profiling’ photographers? How would you reply back to this?

Future Competition Asking for Advice
What should you do if a new photographer wants your advice? Should we, as a photography community, be sharing information and ideas…or do we need to worry more about competition in a crowded market? This conversation is fascinating. Chime in today!

Mystery... Anyone have an answer?
Remember the infamous blue or gold dress debate? This member has a similar optical mystery happening to him…maybe you can help. The deep pink dress he’s shooting appeared orange/red before the RAW files were uploaded onto his computer. Is this a compression issue in the preview file?

Uh oh - Do you use WordPress? Your site may have issues in the near future
Lots of photographers use WordPress on their websites. Now that big changes are in store for the platform, including a switchover to the Gutenberg content, what can you expect for your blogs and website? Should you be excited or concerned?

OEM batteries for Canon
It's time to replace the batteries in this member’s Canon 5d mk IV and 7D mk II. They’re wondering what experience members have had with third-party replacements. Is it true that some will not show battery life in the displays? Weigh in here!

Signing over copyright for event photography. Normal?
A member is preparing to shoot a charity event in return for an ad in the program and the chance to volunteer. Then she noticed wording in the contract that the event would retain all copyright to her images. What should she do and is this normal in event photography?

So as you see, theLoop is a great place for PPA members to connect with each other, share information, get constructive criticism, and receive help when needed. Become a PPA member so you can “stay in the loop”, and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about!