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September 23, 2019

Here’s how you deal with a low-balling photography client

Have you ever struggled, in the moment, with a client who is trying to low-ball you? PPA always advocates standing up for yourself as a small business owner and demanding what you're worth in your pricing. So what do you do when that client looks at you and counters with a number that is....considerably smaller than you're willing to take. 

Fstoppers has a video up by Mike Wilhelm with Videomaker: "5 Ways to Deal with Low-ball Video Production Clients". The video is technically for videographers, but it all applies to photographers as well. Watch it and then come tell us what you think on theLoop. We'd love to get your feedback, as this is exactly the type of content that will help you "bridge the gap". 

Deal with "cheap" clients patiently and with kindness...but don't forget how much you are worth! The right clients, the ones willing to pay the actual price for your photography, are out there. 

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