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August 08, 2019

Grammys Shows Support for CASE Act: Empowering Creators and Preventing Copyright Trolling

August 8, 2019

An op-ed this week by Nate Hertweck of Grammy Advocacy gives voice to the necessity of the CASE Act and how important a small-claims process is for the average content creator.  Although Hertweck’s article is focused on songwriting, photographers and any other artist will relate to the protection of their craft.

Some groups allege that the CASE Act would empower “trolls” to abuse the system. But in actuality, the CASE Act does more to prevent trolling than any measure previously taken. The bill’s numerous safeguards include providing respondents the opportunity to opt out of any case and imposing severe penalties for bad faith claims. The Copyright Claim Board is given the authority to ban the claimant from filing for a year or to dismiss all cases by the claimant. The CASE Act does not respond lightly to trolls.

Read up about all of this and more thanks to Grammy Advocacy and don’t forget to send your email in support of The CASE Act to Congress. It’s quick and easy at