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August 15, 2019

Fact or Fiction: Let’s Bust Some Myths About the CASE Act

August 15, 2019

As the Case Act continues moving its way through the House and Senate, there are a lot of misconceptions popping up about how effective it really is. Thankfully, the Copyright Alliance is here to set the record straight. They created an entire series to bust 10 myths pertaining to the CASE Act.

In the series, the Copyright Alliance covers everything from assumptions about the CASE ACT’s effectiveness with due process issues to the damages proposed by the CASE Act. In these articles, the Copyright Alliance is able to thoroughly explain why some of the information about the CASE Act is a myth in a way that the reader can follow along and understand without getting sucked into confusing legal terms.

It is incredibly important to understand the truth about the CASE Act, so that you can make an educated vote on the issue. The last thing you need is to be misguided by a myth! Read the articles above so that you can learn more about the CASE Act!

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