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March 19, 2020

Do you Read Professional Photographer Magazine? Did You Know It’s Getting a Refresh? Learn all about the Clean, Classy, and Airy New Design straight from PPA’s Publications Department.

Check Out the Latest Updates with Professional Photographer Magazine and PPA’s Publications Department!


Here at PPA, we want to ensure our new image matches every aspect of our brand. PPA’s Publications department knows all about this change as they’ve been revamping the design of Professional Photographer Magazine to be cleaner, simpler and more modern. 

We sat down with Amanda Arnold, Professional Photographer Magazine’s Associate Editor, and asked about the magazine’s recent updates. For a medium like Professional Photographer Magazine, revitalizing the design is always important. “The most exciting thing we’ve worked on recently is a design refresh of the magazine. We did a complete redesign of the magazine a number of years ago, but felt it needed an update to sync up with current design trends,” says Arnold. The updated design content and images have both been given a leg-up with a just a simple increase in space: 


“In the refreshed design, we’ve added more white space, which gives the text room to breathe and allows the photos to pop.”


In previous versions of Professional Photographer Magazine’s design, the Publications team worked to pair specific colors with sections of the magazine. For instance, blue was used for the Foreground section and red for the Goods section. The new-look incorporates more black and white backgrounds instead of relying on color. This is to better showcase the beauty and vibrancy of the featured images.   


“We shed them in favor of a clean, black-and-white look that leaves the color and vibrancy to the beautiful photos we feature in our articles. After all, what’s most important to us is that the photography shines.”


The refresh and updates don’t stop at improving the colors and layout of the images. You may have noticed that the cover has also been refreshed with a white border and the text has gotten its own makeover with changes to the font used both for the headline and general text. PPA’s Publications Department is very excited about the “new clean, airy, classy look of the magazine!” If you’d like to take a peek at the new design features, don’t hesitate to subscribe to receive print copies of Professional Photographer Magazine. You can always check out PPA for a digital version of the magazine's design, but as with photography, nothing beats print!


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