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June 26, 2018

Do You Book Clients Over Text Message? And More Pro Photography Questions

What’s the point of networking if you’re not going to get a little advice out of it? Don’t go it alone as a professional photographer. You need a community, and that’s why PPA created theLoop, an exclusive social network only for real, pro photographers!

On theLoop, hundreds of discussions happen daily about everything from gear and education to best practices, workflow, and favorite tricks. You’ve got to be a member of PPA to take advantage of theLoop, but PPA membership is only $27.92 a month and comes with a whole range of other benefits! 

Here are a few recent discussions from theLoop:

Would You Send Your Price List Over Text? 
Do you receive text messages asking you about your pricing? How do you respond? If the potential client doing the texting only wants pricing info without seeing much else or speaking to you in person, what do you do?

Billing Software
From Quickbooks to PayPal, there are tons of billing options for photographers. Which one do you use and why? Share your opinions on the best in billing software here. 

Apple to Windows/PC Switch
Have you ever made a major switch from Mac to PC, or vice-versa? How hard was it to find comparable software? Did everything carry over? It can be a stressful overhaul to consider, but whether it’s for cost or convenience, you may find yourself making the switch. Be prepared by reading these answers. 

Branching Out Into Real-Estate Photography
This photographer has been contacted by a realtor to shoot real-estate photography for his listed properties. What factors should she consider when setting a price? Have you ever shot real-estate photography? If so, was it worth your time and effort? Chime in on this discussion.  

Looking for an Inexpensive Strobe Recommendation
One Looper wants some advice about purchasing strobes. He’d like to add a powerful strobe that is inexpensive, portable, and will work with his setup. Read his post, and see if you know of something that will work!

theLoop is the best place for PPA members to connect with each other, share information, get advice, and receive image feedback. Become a PPA member so you can "stay in the loop," and if you already are, then head over to theLoop to see what everyone's buzzing about!