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May 01, 2020

Get Inspired by 10 Professional Photography Blogs from Professional Photographers And Discover Why Blog Content Is the Secret to Improving Your Business Website

10 Inspiring Photography Blogs by PPA Photographers

One of the best ways to increase your chances of success as a professional photographer is to master your business marketing. Your photography website isn’t just a place to show examples of your work, it’s also a great location to publish your own blog content. Publishing blog content can help you position yourself as an expert and connect with potential customers as well as fellow photographers. We have gathered a few great professional photography blogs created by PPA photographers to help inspire you to create your own blog content! 


Aperture and Light: Sheen Watkins

Sheen Watkins

Sheen Watkins  is a nature and landscape photographer who also runs the photography blog Aperture and Light. You might recognize Watkins from PPA’s online photography forum, theLoop. She’s great at starting conversations about her content there and engaging with fellow photographers. Watkins’ blog offers a mix of education and inspiration for fellow photographers, from editing tips and ideas for photography projects to posts documenting her photography adventures, Watkins does a great job speaking to a broader audience with her content. Aperture and Light is a key example of using your experience to create content that helps your photography shine and Watkins is adept at using her content to network with other professional photographers. 

Some of Watkins most recent posts include:

Check out Aperture and Light today to read quality photography content and gain the inspiration you need. 


Noble Soul Pet Photography: Tiffany Kelly

Noble Soul Pet Photography

Tiffany Kelly is the pet photographer behind Noble Soul Pet Photography, a studio specializing in adorable dog portraits. She publishes blog content that primarily answers questions her clients may have, such as “What Should I do with My Photos After They’re Taken?” and “5 Tips to Take Better Cell Phone Pics of Your Pets.” Kelly also publishes a blog series sharing her photo sessions from “The Barking Beautiful Project,” an initiative that she began to empower women and the dogs that love them.

Another clever way that Kelly has driven traffic to her website is by writing content for other sites, like her article for Bored Panda “I Photographed Almost 30 Dogs In 3 Days to Raise Money for Animals In Need.” Having your content published to other blogs or shared on other websites is a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your brand and to drive more traffic to your website.

To get inspired to create your own content, check out Noble Soul Pet Photography’s blog. Head to Kelly’s website to browse her dog portraits and add a little positivity to your day.


Professor’s Choice: Kenneth “Professor” Hines Jr. 

Kenneth Hines Jr.

Kenneth Hines is a street photographer who maintains a blog called Professor’s Choice on his photography website, Dynamic Vision Photography. As an ambassador for SIRUI Imaging and ZEISS Lenses, Hines’ blog focuses on providing education and helpful advice to his fellow photographers who are interested in his shooting and editing style.

Posts include topics like “5 Essential Camera Settings for Street Photography” and  “5 Lenses for Portrait Photography.”

Hines also offers reviews and advice on his favorite photography gear in posts like “Top 5 Zeiss Lenses Street Photographers Should Have” and “What’s in My Bag?”. Hines’ charisma as a public speaker is conveyed well through his writing. If you like learning more about street photography or want to jump into the world of ZEISS Lenses, then Hines has the blog content you’re looking for!

Be sure to check out Hines’ blog and take a look at his photo gallery for some street photography inspiration. 


Miguel Quiles Photography

Miguel Quiles

Miguel Quiles is a beauty and portrait photographer who enjoys focusing on artistic creativity. Quiles is what we would consider a video blogger, using Youtube to publish educational content meant to help other photographers improve their craft.

Quiles’ videos include tutorials and product reviews along with experiences he has gained as a dramatic portrait photographer. In the description of each video, Quiles includes detailed information about the equipment used as well as additional helpful tips and links to related information. Some of his more recent videos include:

Quiles also posted a blog article, “Curious What 60+ Metapixels Looks Like In A Portrait From The Sony A7RIV? Prepare To Be Stunned!” on his website to showcase portraits taken of a model in an outdoor setting using the Sony A7RIV. He lists the additional gear used to provide context behind the images, so if you’ve been curious about purchasing the Sony A7RIV, this article will give you great insight into the product’s capabilities.

Check out Quiles’ Youtube Channel here and head to his photo gallery to see more of his creative content.


Stephen Silverberg Photographic

Stephen Silverberg Photographic

Stephen Silverberg is a professional photographer whose work varies to include portraiture, head shots, couples, families, high school seniors, and real-estate. His blog content focuses on recent portrait sessions. In one of his most recent posts, “Last Week In Photography-Diversity”, Silverberg gives his personal perspective on why one particular photo shoot was such a special experience for him. He has also written a few recent articles detailing his experience as a professional photographer in isolation due to social distancing orders.

These articles include photos from his most recent sessions which brings a dose of positivity into the photography community during this time. Silverberg prioritizes sharing his content across all social media and communication platforms to connect with new and existing clients: “I've been publishing a (mostly) weekly blog on a number of neighborhood Facebook pages as well as my own photo Facebook page. I then post to LinkedIn, my Google page and add photos and a link on Yelp. Then I send out an e-mail notice with photos and a link inserted."

Silverberg noted a significant increase in business referrals and web traffic due to his social media marketing strategy: “Not only have I received business from people who have seen the posts but also get referrals and was actually recognized when I gave my name by the poll workers when I voted recently.”

Check out Silverberg’s photography blog to see more photography tips and great examples of his professional portraits. 


Rick Cooper Photography

Rick Cooper Photography

Rick Cooper is a professional photographer with a wide array of specialties including photojournalism, architecture, real-estate photography, and more. Cooper uses his Wordpress blog to share content about photography, lifestyle, and travel.

 Some of Cooper’s photography-related content includes:


“I do publish a blog and with the COVID-19 downtime, I'm updating it more frequently.”


Cooper’s blog strategy is to set up his Wordpress account to have posts automatically appear on his Linkedin page, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. This plan makes publishing his blog content easy and efficient by allowing him to post across all social media platforms with a single click.

If you want helpful travel and real-estate photography tips, check out Rick Cooper’s blog.


Turner Photographics: Mark Turner

Mark Turner

Mark Turner is a professional photographer who specializes in family photos and high school senior portraits. Turner’s blog features content that celebrates his nature photography through content like “Clear Winter’s Night,” as well as writing geared toward portrait photographers, like “A Softer Kind of Portrait.” Turner updates his blog regularly to keep up with seasonal trends like holiday lights and the New Year. He’s been thankful to have more time to publish content with a lot of print orders made while working from home. Turner is using his nature photography to try and shine a positive light on our current situation to help those who don’t have easy access to nature:

“A lot of people stuck at home don't have access to the wonders of Mother Nature right now and I'm trying to fill a bit of that gap.”


Turner’s blog strategy is focused on social media marketing to Facebook and LinkedIn. He makes sure to incorporate his business page to bring attention to his photography business: “I post on my blog and then share on Facebook to my business page, my personal page, and to a couple of relevant groups I'm part of. It definitely is driving some traffic to my website.”

If you’d like to see beautiful nature photos, check out Mark Turner’s photography blog today.


Lisa Hahn

Lisa Hahn

Lisa Hahn is a portrait, family, and high school senior photographer with a blog that stands out thanks to her authenticity as both an image maker and a writer. The secret to Hahn’s photography blog is her profile series “Featuring You.” In these articles, Hahn gives the reader a glimpse into the photo shoot experience and the background behind the subject. She really immerses the reader into the photo shoot with her storytelling.

Hahn’s posts on “Austin,” “Sofia’s Field of Weeds,”  “Molly’s Sunflowers,” and “The Coates Family” truly provide unique experiences for her readers. Hahn’s secret weapon to blogging success is to use her photos to weave creative nonfiction into her description of the experience she shared with her clients. Hahn sprinkles valuable photography tips into the articles, like getting to know your clients before the day of the shoot, or having multiple options for outside photo shoots in case of weather interruptions. “I just shared my new blog for the first time Monday this week. I find that it does drive additional traffic to my site when I share a post.”

The content on Hahn’s photography blog is a testament to what you can accomplish when you put your best foot forward during any extra downtime. This may come as a shock, but her photography blog was only started this week! Lisa would like to expand her broad to wider topics beyond the “Featuring You” series, but for now, she’s seen great success in showing her potential clients the successful photography experience she can provide.

 Check out Lisa Hahn’s photography blog for inspiration to improve your own photography blog content.


Jeff Daum

Jeff Daum

Jeff Daum is a photojournalist, landscape photographer, automotive photographer, and nature photographer. As a photojournalist, Daum has a unique view on publishing blog content. His  photography blog "Insight" focuses on sharing Daum’s perspective on the world as shown through his images. A lot of Daum’s content focuses on Daum’s personal experiences shown through travel photography. His blog series “Perspectives of a Globetrotting Photojournalist” showcases his beautiful travel photos, while providing a look into Daum’s travel experiences.

 Part 1 of Daum’s “Perspectives of a Globetrotting Photojournalist” series features an article called “Highlights of St. Petersburg, Russa”, in which Daum shares photos of St. Petersburg as a visual summary of his experiences. As a photojournalist, Daum lets his photos speak for themselves and specializes in shorter descriptions to focus the reader on the images he provides.

Part II, titled “A Visual Taste of Italy: Lombardy and Tuscany Regions” takes the reader on a tour of Daum’s Italian travels. His short description provides the context of the images included in the article, which begin at the Ligurian Sea and end in the countryside outside Peccioli. Check out this blog article if you’d love to see beautiful landscapes and daydream about wine tasting across the Italian coast.

Daum’s blog content also includes some product reviews, but the travel narratives he presents through articles like the “Globetrotting Photojournalist” series truly capture his specialty.

Daum’s newest blog “Gorilla & Chimpanzee Trekking: Up Close & Personal,” shows his eye for landscape photography including beautiful photos of gorillas, rhinoceroses, and other exotic animals. Writing this blog is a creative and effective way for Daum to showcase his nature photography portfolio while sharing his travel experiences. 

This content is a great focus to inform potential clients about Daum’s work. Daum finds the blog helpful for sharing content across social media. He has also been able to better understand the interests of his followers and potential clients through studying blog analytics: “Through Google Analytics, I can see how well my blog attracts viewers to my website.  It also serves as a reality test of what I think will be found interesting versus what my viewers/readers find interesting.”

Check out Jeff Daum’s photography blog for photography tips and great examples of travel photography.


Ryan Angel Meza

Angel Studios

Ryan Angel Meza is the professional photographer behind Ryan Angel Studios. Getting his start in commercial photography and editorial work, he now specializes in portraiture. His blog has experienced a spike in content as of late, because Meza is truly using his downtime to his advantage:


“With Covid 19 forcing us to slow down our workflow, I was able to add some 'real' blog content as of late!!”


Meza primarily focuses on marketing his photography process through social media, but his recent content shows off his portrait skills and his creativity. Meza’s blog article “Creating A Stylized Portrait (Astronaut Theme)” shows his innovation during this difficult time, as he uses a concrete building and stairs to create an astronaut-themed photo shoot with an adorable model. The dark lighting in the shoot, coupled with the toddler model, creates a whimsical image that provides a valuable glimpse into Meza’s creative lighting techniques. 

Meza has devoted more of his blog content to documenting the reality of life during the pandemic. To get more of a photographer's eye on the pandemic, check out Meza’s photography blog. And don’t forget to check out Meza’s photography website for more tips and tricks.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our shout-out to PPA photographers with great photography blogs! Don’t discount the value in publishing blog content to your professional website. It can be a great way to drive traffic to your site and help potential clients find your portfolio.

For more business and photography-related tips, check out our unlocked library of educational content