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July 08, 2019

Create Raving Fans of Your Photography Business by Doing This One Thing

When we elevate the experience we provide to our photography clients, we reap the rewards many times over. Michael Barber, senior vice president and chief creative officer at the marketing agency Godfrey, and 2019 Imaging USA speaker, tells Professional Photographer magazine how photographers can increase their business’s bottom line by improving customer experience.

Barber frames his lessons in Beyoncé song titles, making his content fun and digestible. From becoming more accessible and open to focusing on small details that make a huge difference, you’re sure to take away some actionable tips.

Read the full article, “How to Improve the Customer Experience” on Professional Photographer. Check out Professional Photographers of America for more relevant news, reviews, and profiles that support your photography business today!

Photo credit : Anton Belitskiy