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January 13, 2022

Commercial Photography Resources to Help Your Business Thrive

As a commercial photographer, you help clients represent their businesses, products, and services through high-quality images for use on the web, social media, and in print materials. Your photographs help establish a brand's aesthetic and are one of the most important elements of any client's marketing.   

Finding the right client and also convincing them you're the right photographer to hire is a big challenge for commercial photographers. Being successful isn't just about creating great images; it's about the marketing, sales, and business decisions you make leading up to—and after—the delivery of those photographs. 

PPA members have access to a comprehensive suite of benefits to help you grow your commercial photography business. Whether you're looking to improve your technical skills or learn new business strategies, PPA's benefits ensure your growth as a creative professional. Keep reading to see all the PPA resources available to commercial photographers:


  • Commercial Photography Curriculum: This Curriculum was developed to give photographers a behind-the-scenes view into commercial photography. You'll gain insights into business fundamentals, learn how to master the art of sales, build your portfolio, and add commercial photography techniques to your toolkit. For all your education needs specific to the field of commercial photography, PPA has it right here. 
  • Equipment Insurance: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Every commercial photographer should have basic equipment insurance. As a PPA member, you have access to up to $15,000 of coverage, all included in your membership. To activate your PhotoCare Equipment Insurance, click here
  • General Liability Insurance: If an accident happens while you’re photographing on-site, General Liability Insurance protects against incidents of property damage or bodily harm. Some locations may even require photographers to have this type of insurance before you’re allowed to work on-site. PPA and Lockton Affinity provides insurance designed specifically for professional photographers. Click here to learn more (and get a quote). 
  • Data Loss Recovery & Negligence: Even the best commercial photographers can have a memory card fail. Through the Indemnification Trust, PPA members receive help when a client claims they were negligent in providing their services—including data losses, missed shots, or simply because the client has decided to be unhappy.
  • Sales and Marketing Tools: Being able to create great photos is only one part of being a successful commercial photographer. Find ways to develop your photography business and reach new clients with a suite of sales and marketing tools available as part of your membership. Download exclusive, must-have resources like:
  • Education: Get the insights and knowledge with online education made specifically for professional photographers. With over 900 classes available, the online education platform makes lifelong learning easy. Plus, every year you’ll find a selection of classes at Imaging USA that focus specifically on commercial photography, and bi-annual photography workshops are held to give you even more chances to learn something new.
  • Certification: Looking for a way to show potential clients you’re a dedicated professional who has the skills and experience to capture their big day? Become a Certified Professional Photographer and stand out from the competition. This certification shows clients you’re not only a stellar image-maker but also an entrepreneur who focuses on giving clients an amazing experience before, during, and after their photo session. 
  • Photographic Competitions: Each year, PPA holds friendly competitions that focus on helping photographers (including commercial) create better images. Self-improvement is center-stage at District Competitions and the International Photographic Competition, where photographers enter their work to receive constructive feedback to help them hone their craft.
  • PPA Degrees: Earning a photography degree is no small feat. The process challenges photographers to adapt to an ever-changing industry, learn how to market their businesses better, and gives them the credibility they need to justify their prices. Looking to show clients your commercial photography is the crème-de-la-crème? Click here to find out more about PPA Degrees.

And don't forget about theLoop, our exclusive social network for professional photographers. Plus, you even have access to discounts! Elevate your commercial photography business with these resources from PPA.

Are you using the full range of your PPA Membership benefits? Don't miss out on resources you didn't know you had! View the PPA Member Benefits Guide.