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June 15, 2017



Have you checked the Perks & Savings page on lately? It's bursting with deals from popular brands like Apple, Dell, and more - with discounts, deadline extensions, exclusive offers, add-ons, and more! 

Be sure to check the page frequently for new deals (or keep an eye out on Facebook or in your inbox). Here are 5 that immediately stand out:

  • Apple: PPA members get preferred pricing products, special promotions, free shipping, free engraving on iPads and iPods, customizations, and more!
  • Dell: There are several deals from Dell, including year-round savings of 5%-10% every day on selected products, as well as special monthly savings of 20% on specially-selected products, like servers, workstations, laptops, accessories, and more!
  • DriveSavers: What would you do if you lost all your photos? Call DriveSavers 800.440.1904. We can save it!® Any storage device, including camera cards, hard drives, SSDs and RAIDs. Use code: DS75255   to receive a 20% discount and other benefits exclusively for PPA members only. 
  • ProMediaGear: enjoy 10% instant savings on all gear!
  • Richmond Pro Lab: save 25% on print products!

These discounts are for PPA members only, so log in today to see what other perks and savings you have available. If you aren't with PPA yet, join today!