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August 18, 2016

Be More Insured with PPA!

At some point things will go wrong. It's inevitable: data gets deleted, cameras fall, and clients get angry. So what do you do? You protect yourself with insurance from PPA! From equipment to liability, medical to dental, or even drones, PPA has all of your business's insurance needs covered.

So, how are you covered?

PhotoCare and PhotoCare Plus are versions of equipment insurance. PhotoCare is included with your membership and covers up to $15,000 in damages for off premises or on location shooting, worldwide coverage, computer hardware, and theft of equipment. PhotoCare PLUS is available for members to purchase and covers up to $100,000 on the same damages as PhotoCare, in addition to coverage for mysterious disappearance and non-PPA member employee coverage. For more details on the difference between PhotoCare and PhotoCare PLUS, click here.

General Liability insures damages to the property of others, bodily injury as a result of your business activities, and personal injury. With Indemnification Trust, your business will Be More Protected with thousands in savings on legal fees and data protection, equipment malfunction and malpractice coverage, and even coverage for unsatisfied clients. 

And as small business owners, it's important to have medical and dental insurance available for both you and your employees! PPAexchange is designed with you, the photographer, in mind with a diverse range of options, decision making assistance and more! Take a look around and see what best suits your company's needs today!

Explore the range of insurance options that are available to you through a PPA membership, and help your business Be More Protected!