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March 22, 2018

A Brief Introduction to Drones

Drones are everywhere you look, including PPA's educational library! PPAedu has an extensive library filled with hundreds of educational videos on topics that interest professional photographers. Aside from being interesting, these videos are packed with loads of information to help you brush up on, or learn more about, photography. In this case, drone photography!

In “A Brief Introduction to Drones” you will learn how to use drones to enhance your photography as well as your photography business. The director of product experience with DJI, Randy Braun, and product specialist, Stacy Garlington, cover the basics of drones from guidelines to etiquette and how to incorporate drones to leverage your photography business.

The only way to access these helpful videos is through your PPA membership. As a PPA member you can access these videos anywhere, anytime. Between PPAedu and PhotoVision , photographers who have a PPA membership can tap into hundreds of programs to help them Be More! Join PPA today.